“why should i hire you” Most attractive question to hire you within extensive experience

The best way to answer such a question is with a strong argument. Before going to a job interview where you may have to answer this question,  prepare your speech well . These are the three points on which you can base the suitability of your application and correctly answer the dreaded question: Why should i hire you?

When experience backs you up

It seems that with a long history behind you, you have everything done. But in an interview you do not want to determine only if you can hold the position, but if you are the person who best performs it among all the candidates. To build your speech it is necessary that you research the company well, and  that you find what may be most attractive to you to hire you within that extensive experience.

Highlight it above the rest as something significant in your professional career, and note that you felt comfortable during that period of time. The enthusiasm and motivation with which you talk about certain topics transmits confidence and trust . It is disconcerting to select someone who is not connected to the position, despite being able to carry out the tasks involved.

Highlight training

In a resume it is not usually relevant to extend too much about how you have acquired the knowledge you have. However, in an interview, an anecdote can be told about the formative stage in which certain learning stands out. Again, what it is about is to differentiate yourself and the anecdote is ideal for this purpose since it usually connects better with your interlocutors. Of course, it must be of interest.

This does not mean that the rest of the profile is ignored. You have to make everything shine that makes you score points, but adding that touch of testimony makes the interview stop being a cold and impersonal communication and will stimulate empathy towards your profile.

Put the emphasis on skills and competencies

When your experience is scarce and your training is not too bright, you have another trick: talking about your skills and competences. Find what defines you as a hard-working person. The perseverance, the will, the ability to learn quickly or to adapt to new situations, work well as a team, know your responsibilities, follow up and fulfill assignments, serve the public well … There are many professional qualities that can be highlighted.

Two conditions are necessary to know where you should recreate yourself: that you really possess the skill or competence that you are going to talk about and that is relevant to the position. With the conviction to carry out the duties done, you can transmit confidence in your words and get to attract the recruiters’ attention.

By way of conclusion, remember that the fundamental thing is to find the point that makes you different to hire yourself and, from there, guide your speech to reinforce this position. The feeling that you know how to answer about the suitability of your profile will be evident in the interview.

To start, think about it: it doesn’t make sense! “Tell me why I have to hire you”, let’s see:

  1. In absolute terms, there is no human way that you can know the answer to that question. To start you would have to interview the other candidates since it is a comparative question: “why do I have to hire you and not the other candidates?” Well, let me meet you, I interview you, and I tell you why. As simple as that.
  2. It is your job. It is he who has to know why he is going to hire one ahead of another. Little more to say here.
  3. Has he told you what profile of competence he is looking for exactly and what socio-cultural-corporate variables are going to influence the decision so that you can give a well-based answer and not one at random? Well, no. What you have seen in the offer is only a small percentage of everything he has to take into account to make the decision. And this brings me back to the previous point, so it’s basically asking you to be a fortune teller. Well, I should have put it in the offer requirements …

But the reality is that in the beautiful profession of finding the perfect professional for a company, there is everything -as in the vineyard of the Lord-, and there are certain questions that you will continue to encounter and that you will have to know how to answer.

Personally, I do not think that the way to get to know the candidate better and to be able to make the most real assessment of his abilities, attitudes and potential is to continue asking those questions – of which, let’s be frank, we all get the prepared and lacking answer. of freshness, sincerity or really valuable information-, but it is, because the old habits cost God and help change them, and although the companies are all innovative, the reality is that they cling to traditions and “as has always been done” beyond what is still useful or continues to make sense.

When I am asked this question again someday, I tell you what I would like to answer:

“That is a good question. The decision you have to make is important and I don’t know if I can give you the answer you want. Beyond the requirements of the position, I do not know inside the company, the management style or the needs of the company considering the market situation, nor do I know the other candidates to be able to compare. There’s only one thing I know well: myself, and I’m sure I could excel at doing this job. I have the knowledge and experience to face the position with confidence and the desire to overcome the challenges that will undoubtedly arise. And above all, I am passionate about this market and I am determined to do my best work ”

The reality is that there is no perfect or correct answer. The decision will be made taking into account a series of variables and requirements that you cannot know in any way, it will not be made based on one (or two) responses. In fact, I wish it were so, because then it would be as easy as a mathematical equation or a “test-type” test that we liked so much in the race (versus those of “open questions”, which for those of us who have studied law and are easy feat… they were a piece of the challenge).

But always remember:

No one will pay you for having a degree, but for what you are capable of doing or what you can get others to do

So, almost better than worrying about having the correct answer, my recommendations are:

  • Previously worry about having applied to a position that really appeals to you, in which you have a lot to contribute and that fits with your values ​​and your way of being. At this point in the film this might sound obvious but unfortunately, there are still many people who keep giving everything (CV-wise) and then comes crying and gnashing of teeth …
  • Unwrap yourself in the interview as naturally as possible. If you have to say “I don’t know the answer to that question,” say it. I assure you that no matter how desperate you are, it will be of little use to you to pretend your personality and give answers “from others” to hire you.
  • With that said, never go with one hand in front and one behind. Think in advance of the tranquility of your home what you want to convey, make sure you know how to tell your story and above all: prepare concrete examples of what you have achieved in your previous work
  • This is not the time to be shy or modest. If you don’t tell them why they’re interested in hiring you, don’t expect them to be fortune tellers or mind readers. Put it on capon: say exactly what you are good at and give examples of it, always give examples.
  • And finally, if I could only give you the recommendation to face the interview, it would be that beyond having the correct answer, what will give you the competitive advantage will be your ATTITUDE. No coach I know will give more importance to your title, a year or so of experience, a certificate more or less than the desire, enthusiasm and willingness to improve and give the best of yourself. None, I assure you!

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