What is the Importance and strategies of digital marketing in the World

In a globalized world increasingly dependent on web connectivity, such as the one in which we currently live, certain tools are necessary when starting up any online business or developing the virtual side of a physical business. Digital marketing was born to bring together all these tools to successfully market a product, an image or a brand through internet channels and social networks.

From the development of this new type of online marketing, the idea of ​​the digital marketing agency emerged, a specialist in using specific promotion methods adapted to the needs of each project. Such is its importance that, today, behind every important campaign there is a specialized agency.

Importance and strategies of digital marketing

Thanks to digital marketing, companies/brands and consumers/users are much closer than ever. Such is its ability to generate global content of general interest that 95% of people under the age of 50 in developed and developing countries have consumed and have occasionally been interested in a product or brand through the Internet. .

To achieve this result, the path has been hard, but very fast. The strategies have continuously innovated and increasingly improved the reach capacity of the campaigns. At the same time, other important factors have appeared that until recently did not exist, such as web positioning (SEO).

SEO is based on the interaction of users with the results when doing a search. It has been shown that the first results are the ones that get the most audience and this has unleashed a fierce fight by brands to place themselves in these first positions, giving rise to other types of specialized agencies, within marketing, called SEO agencies.

The job of a good SEO agency is to get your client to be in the first position for a pre-established keyword and directly related to the brand. Achieving this will mean a considerable increase in visits to profiles (whether web or social), which in turn will translate into economic benefits for the firm.

Today SEO is one of the fundamental factors of a good digital marketing strategy, but there are also other important ones, such as email marketing, content blogging, online advertising or influencers. A good combination of both and an expert agency will translate into a business of assured success.

In the current context of increasing digitization in which the majority of businesses, whether traditional or digital natives, use the internet as a cover letter and to publicize their products and services, digital marketing strategies are more valued than ever.

It is true that the internet offers a wide horizon of opportunities to debut in the business world, but to optimize the content that we upload to the network and for our personal or business brand to be successful, a series of knowledge is necessary in economic and strategic terms. .

Digital marketing can be a good elixir for the growth of a company but you have to know how to get the most out of it. Faced with this situation, the demand for professional profiles with leadership capabilities to strategically manage the field of digital marketing is increasing.

Knowing the communication tools not only serves the company to sell its products, but also to generate and spread the value of the entity, interact with its workers and even as a vehicle to recruit new personnel. This is the reflection that, from the TecnoCampus, they want to publicize and reinforce with the Digital Entrepreneurship Program, which welcomed 23 students from the Master of Administration and the Master in Marketing and Administration from the ICESI University of Cali, in Colombia.

“This is a week-long course where the idea is for students to have a very general vision of the digital environment and online business models: how to detect digital business opportunities, the technology used, marketing within a Web page (Inbound Marketing), digital media advertising, SEO, Google Adwords, Business Analytics, Social Media plans… ”, says Roberto Dopeso, responsible for the program and professor of the Degree in Marketing and Digital Communities.

An updated and experiential point of view

“ICESI students are used to seeing more traditional business management. This program has helped them discover a more modern version of marketing, through academic sessions and experiences of active professionals, as well as visits to companies in the sector, “highlights the coordinator, who believes that knowing the errors and successes of specific cases It can serve as an inspiration for future professionals.

The demand for professional profiles with leadership capabilities to strategically manage this commercial aspect is increasing

The statistic presents the growth rate of investment in digital marketing in Spain from 2015 to 2018. Digital marketing has revolutionized marketing worldwide and, as reflected in the report recently published by the Marketing Association of Spain, investment In this type of marketing, it has not stopped growing until reaching a growth rate of 90% compared to the base year in the last year.

“Every brand is a company, not every company is a brand”
A brand is the set of attributes, tangible and intangible, a distinctive sign that identifies a product or service and makes it unique in the market. The main function of a brand is to differentiate itself and become unique in front of the rest of its competitors. The brand is what gives identity and meaning to a specific product or service.

The brands transcend that they reach the level of impersonating a name in the market. For example: people do not say detergent but “please give me an ace ” and it turns out that the detergent is XXX brand. The ace brand became so popular that people substitute the word detergent for ace.

Brand positioning:

It is the place that the brand occupies among its consumers or clients, with respect to the rest of its competitors. This position gives the company its own image in the consumer’s mind, which will make it differentiate itself from the rest of its competition. This own image is built through the active communication of distinctive attributes, benefits or values ​​to our target audience, previously selected based on business strategy. Power has the brand that reaches your social networks.

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