Tips to grow Youtube channel For the beginners

Creating online content is not optional if you want to survive in the new economy. And the trend is showing that the king of content is video. If you don’t believe me, look it up on Google, where you’ll find tons of trending articles like this one from Forbes magazine.

The reality is that if you start, have a small company or plan to launch a project in the future, if you do not make video for the internet you will be nobody. At least not in professional terms. Because if people search for video and can’t find you, they don’t buy from you. It is mathematical.

How to grow on YouTube

These keys have helped me multiply the number of visits and subscribers on my channel and they can also help you grow.

In order to position yourself as an authority in your sector and get the attention of your potential customers.

1. Post consistently

Posting videos from time to time doesn’t work, because you don’t give people reasons to return to your channel periodically. And because the YouTube algorithm does not recognize you as a serious or relevant channel.

In the past I published videos very occasionally and hardly anything grew. Everything changed when I started publishing every week religiously. This is a graph of my channel’s growth where you can see how consistency has helped me grow.

I have tried posting one, two and even three times a week. In my case, I have understood that twice a week is the best , as long as I stick to the type of content that my community wants.

KEY 1: Post at least one video a week and you will see how you start to grow on YouTube.

2. Open up to more general topics

My first videos were just about public speaking and public speaking. This is a useful and in-demand topic, but people don’t usually see it as a “life and death” topic.

In fact, there are those who prefer to die than “face” their fear of public speaking. Come on, it’s not a particularly “sexy” topic. So I stopped talking about “public speaking” purely to talk about “communication” and related areas such as self-confidence and charisma, two issues that have been bombings on my channel in 2017.

What is your central theme?

KEY 2: If (your topic) is very niche, open yourself up to something more general to get more visits, although always being clear to your target audience.

3. Be present in the conversation

I am often told by many followers that they appreciate your replying to comments. I’m in a volume where I can still do it.

And I enjoy it. I especially enjoy when I read how what I teach changes people’s lives. This is one of the many comments that have made me especially excited.

But also, being present in the conversation helps me understand if what I do works or not. Because, as I say in this other video, the feedback is very important to improve and offer content like and add value .

When someone asks for something and you give it to them, they feel part of the community and that connection is worth a lot.

KEY 3: Answer, thank and, above all, learn from feedback.

4. Try new things

“He who does not advance recoils.” This is true in all areas where there is competition. And on YouTube, there is more and more competition. Keeping yourself always doing the same has two disadvantages:

First: It will make people bored sooner or later, or your direct competition will attract more attention than you if they start innovating.

Second: It will prevent you from realizing what your community likes the most. And if you don’t know what you like the most, you miss a great opportunity.

I have tried at least seven different formats in my videos during 2017.

In the process, I have discovered that what I like the most in my current community is the short tutorial, well-edited, and whose message is to the point.

KEY 4: Look at what others are doing, imitate by giving your personal touch and ask your community.

5. Promote to get traffic

Especially at the beginning when you do not have followers, to get visits to your videos, you have to promote them. In fact, this will continue to be important in the future. Every time I post a video I do at least three things:

First: I share it on all my social networks from YouTube.

Second: I share it by email to my list of followers. If the video is a tutorial, I upload it to the blog and transcribe it (as with this article).

Third: In the case of the tutorials, I “chop” them into mini videos and upload them natively to the social networks that support video (always with subtitles) and I invite people who want to see the full video to click the link Youtube.

Posting “native” videos (that is, uploading videos directly to the social network) works better than just sharing the YouTube link because social media is giving video a lot of importance. (There must be a reason, right?)

In addition, it is always very important to use the best possible keywords to accompany in titles, description and tags in order to be found in searches.

One tool that I am going to start using from January to improve the positioning of my videos is TubeBox from my SeoBox friends who have released a very powerful device that will help me control and optimize the visibility of my videos.

In addition, you can use two super discount promotional codes:

  • With the SEOBOXERS code you will have a € 30 discount on the price of the machine when contracting any tool plan.
  • With the LORAPROMO code, the machine is completely free for you if you sign up for the Advanced plan or the Agency plan (a value of € 95 completely free for you ).

NOTE: SeoBox currently only works in Spain but in 2018 strong will enter Latin America.

KEY 5: Promote as much as you can, use the right keywords and you will attract traffic to your channel.

6. Call to action

If you want something you have to ask for it.

This applies to everything in life and YouTube too.

If you want subscribers, ask them to subscribe.

If you want them to share your videos and click “like”, ask for it.

If you want them to go to your website, say so.

But beware, calls to action do not work for their own sake. It is important that people understand the benefit of acting. That is why it always accompanies your call to action with a clear benefit, example: “click on the link and receive my free guide to make effective presentations”.

KEY 6: After you have given free content, ask your community for something and as a matter of reciprocity, you will get many to act.

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