The best open source alternative to Skype to make internet call safely

The way we communicate today has changed a lot compared to a few years ago. The widespread use of the Internet has opened up a huge range of possibilities. We have a host of instant messaging applications, email services, social networks … And something that we can use almost anywhere: video calls. In this sense there is a very popular platform that is Skype. However, in this article we are going to talk about some alternatives to open source Skype that we can use.

We want to show some alternatives to Skype to be able to make calls over the Internet from anywhere. We are going to name some open source options that are also safe. We already know that both privacy and security are very important aspects for users.

This addiction for apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Line is understood in a mobile and hyperconnected context in which the user is satisfied with obtaining quick answers to some questions, of the type Dnd we see ourselves? o A k hora dares ?, or looking to entertain yourself in dead times such as the commute to work or waiting in the doctor’s office.

Beyond these uses, many still wait to get home to settle in and have a proper phone conversation with family and friends. And why should they use the conventional telephone line when they can make video calls over the Internet and benefit from the rates that they are already paying to the operators?

To establish an online video conference only three things are needed: a device with a network connection, headphones with a microphone (they are not essential, but their use is convenient because they eliminate a lot of noise) and a free VoIP application (voice over IP, from English) Voice Over IP ).

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP programs, but there are other alternatives to this proposal, among which you can find the following.


Signal is without a doubt one of the best alternatives to open source Skype. It is very popular precisely for its security and to increase the privacy of the users who use it. As an application, we can say that it has the base of most tools of this type. This means that we can use it as an instant messaging program and also make calls over the Internet.

One of Signal’s strong points is its great compatibility with different platforms. It is available for the main operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS or Android, among others.

In addition to sending messages or making calls, we can also share all kinds of files with our contacts. The application itself is responsible for encrypting all conversations between users. We can download it from their website.


It is surely a lesser-known alternative to open source Skype. However, it has experienced interesting growth in recent times. Jitsi allows you to make video calls, as well as send text messages. We can even make calls to landlines or mobiles.

Of course, in this case we are facing a more limited tool in terms of the platforms it supports. At the moment we can only use it in Microsoft Windows, macOS or Linux. Of course, it does not skimp on security or privacy. It is a tool that highly values ​​these aspects.

We can see all the information on your page.


Another alternative to Skype and that is open source is Ring. It is available for Linux, Windows and macOS. We can also use it on Android mobile devices. When we install it on the device, it automatically assigns us a user.

It is a tool for sending messages or making calls over the Internet that also focuses on security and privacy. We can download it and find more information on Github.


Riot is another alternative to Skype with which to send messages or make calls. It is available on most platforms, so we can use it on both desktop and mobile devices.

It is one more option if we want to change Skype for another open source tool that can improve our security and privacy. We can access its source code and all the information on Github .

And you, do you know any other interesting open-source Skype alternative?


Wire is an extremely secure and feature-rich solution that meets almost all existing communication needs. Allows 1: 1 and group messaging, shared screen. 1: 1 and group video conferencing and file sharing.

Wire is available on Android, iOS, web and desktop. The wire is open source and the source code for all its applications and even the server backend is available in the Github repository. Alternatively, you can use Wire as a service from its official site at a minimal rate. Although you can also install and configure Wire on your own servers, the service is excellent for people who don’t want hassles.


Linphone is one of the oldest and most famous pieces of software that enables VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) communications over a SIP ( Session Initiation Protocol ) number. You can make audio and video calls through Linphone, send instant messages to a single user, and also to groups. Linphone requires that you have a SIP number. But even if you don’t have one, Linphone has you covered. It offers a free SIP number and you can get it simply by registering on their website here. Linphone is available for Windows and mobile desktops, IOS and Mac, Android and Linux. Linphone is open source and you can find the source in its GitHub repository.


Focused on the world of smartphones, although it is also available for Windows computers,  this application is compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Kindle devices. It allows you to make calls and video calls, chat and send messages.


Like Jitsi, Tox is an open source-based tool that uses an encryption system to shield communications between its users. It offers messaging, calls and file transfers between users.

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