Four most common problems which you face with your ipad

Like any other electronic device, the iPad can present problems when executing some of its functions. Sometimes it can “freeze”, or run an application very slowly, or the Wi-Fi connection goes down, to name a few. Fortunately, there are certain “home remedies” widely used to solve these problems and we will mention them below.

It is important to clarify that if these are more serious difficulties, they are probably due to defects in the specific device and that in this case it is better to use the warranty. On the other hand, it should be remembered that Apple offers excellent online resources, that is, manuals to learn how the iPad works, as well as to solve many specific problems.

Four Most Common ipad Problems:

1. Programs that stop and don’t move

The general advice: restart iPad (reboot). Although it may sound like the old anecdote of the doctor that to all his patients, regardless of the disease, he prescribed “two aspirins, drink a lot of water and rest” and in most cases they recovered satisfactorily, with respect to the iPad something happens Similarly. Personally, every time the iPad freezes – which has happened to me a few times – what I do is restart it (what is known in English as reboot).

When you reopen the application it normally works properly. Although I am not a computer technician, I understand that it is normal for some applications, especially games, to “freeze” due to design flaws, which are fixed in later versions as they are tested.

To restart, simply press and hold the Sleep / Wake button for several seconds, until the red “Off” slider appears, and then drag the slider with your finger from the left to the right side of the screen. Then press the sleep/wake button again until the Apple logo appears; After a moment, iPad will automatically restart.

2. USB port access

This is not a performance issue, but rather a “deficiency” that Apple believes should be corrected in future releases. We still don’t fully understand why if the other tablet makers include USB ports on their devices, the iPad doesn’t have it. Fortunately, it is possible to make a “fix” if we use, for example, the camera connection kit for the iPad (in English), which would also allow us to connect other gadgets, such as a memory stick to increase the memory of the iPad, for example.

3. Low or no Wi-Fi connectivity

From what we have seen in various forums on the Web, several users complain that the connection to Wi-Fi is very weak. Perhaps this is because the antenna of the iPad is located just below the apple logo, and this blocks the signal a bit. We can try to solve this problem by reconnecting to wireless networks (on the iPad, in Settings, press Wi-Fi, then select the corresponding network, enter the password again -write slowly and make sure you write it correctly because usually they are long sequences of numbers and letters).

If the signal does not improve, we have no choice but to move the iPad a little closer to the router. The more walls there are between the router and the iPad, the less clear the signal will be. Another option is to move the router more towards the center of the room where you are or, in extreme cases, buy an external antenna or an extender. The Apple lightning cable and its various connectors

4. iTunes does not recognize or sync with iPad

The connection of the iPad with iTunes is essential, since it is necessary to download all the applications, for example. It may happen that iTunes does not recognize the iPad, or that you cannot access applications or music via Wi-Fi, for example. To resolve such issues, it is best to reinstall itunes first, and then check that it is synced with the device.

In this case, you will need to connect the iPad to a computer, through the connector that comes along with the iPad, to a USB port on the computer (if, eventually, the computer does not recognize the iPad, this could be for 3 reasons: the battery This is almost discharged, so you must recharge it first; the USB cable is defective – try it on another device – or the computer’s USB port does not work, in which case it is enough to connect the cable to another USB port).

Once iPad is connected to the computer, click the computer’s Start icon, then Control Panel, and then Add or Remove Programs. With the mouse position tie in iTunes and select Remove (do not worry, just delete the program, not the contents already downloaded).

Then download the updated version again, going to the following link. Once the new version is reinstalled, to synchronize it with the Wi-Fi of the iPad, from the computer open iTunes, select the iPad that you have connected to the computer in the Devices tab and, in the Summary tab, select “sync with this iPad via Wifi”.

Restart iPad

If the iPad tablet is slow or unstable, the first thing you should do is restart it, as I indicate in The 4 most common iPad problems and how to solve them .

To restart the iPad you must turn it off. To do this, press and hold the Sleep / Wake button until the red slider appears on your screen; then drag the regulator with your finger and wait until the tablet turns off. Then turn on the iPad by holding down the same button until the Apple apple appears.

If the iPad tablet doesn’t restart, try resetting it by pressing the Sleep / Wake button and the Home button for about ten seconds or more; the Apple logo should appear. If you still do not get a response or if a red battery appears on the screen, you should recharge it to see if once the charging is completed, the iPad tablet turns on without problems.

Keep in mind that if the battery is very low or completely empty it will be at least five minutes before the low battery icon appears on the screen, if you want to drain the battery, use the USB power adapter to do so. 10W.

Once the low battery icon has appeared, you will have to wait between 20 and 30 minutes to try to turn on the iPad; by pressing the Start button you can see the status of the battery charge. After restarting the iPad the problem should be resolved. If not, take the next step: restore it or, as a last resort, format it.

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