How to enter the router and configure the connection

We change operator or contract for the first time a fixed Internet connection and they install a router (or we install ourselves, which is what is in fashion) and that is where our concern ends, browsing has been said. But the truth is that we should not forget that this device with lights that we plant is the door that connects us with the outside and also vice versa. So it is very important to know how to enter the router and configure the connection .

Signing in can be easy, but making your connection gain in security and quality is a task that involves several steps. To help you with this task, next we will tell you step by step from how to access the configuration of your router to establishing filters so that no one can connect or find the best channel to improve the speed of your WiFi.

How to enter the router configuration:

First of all, access the router settings. The most convenient thing is to use a computer connected to the WiFi network of the same router and type the following address in any browser: Those numbers represent the gateway to the administrator panel of the router of most operators, except in the case of Movistar, which access is via the web .

At this point we will have to enter the username and password , which in most cases is “admin” in both cases, and that is the first weak point of any router. Maintaining the default configuration opens the door for anyone who manages to connect to our WiFi network to enter the configuration of the router.

How to configure the connection

Once we have accessed the router configuration panel we will see many menus and options that we can change, but do not venture to change data, since you could be offline, although luckily all of them have a reset button that pressing it for several seconds restores the configuration initial . Next we will see how to configure the connection, improving its security and performance.

Change the router access password

For our guide we are going to use a Comtrend router, model AR-5387, although the configuration of the routers supplied by the operators is very similar, so the menus may change somewhat but they will be very similar. In our case, in order to change the access data to the router we have to go to Management -> Access Control , where just by entering the default access data we can establish a new password.

Rename the network

Once we have already made sure that anyone who connects to our WiFi cannot alter the configuration of our router, it becomes more difficult for them to connect to it. The first measure, to avoid knowing which company belongs to the router (which can provide facilities) is to change the name of the network. To do this we go to Wireless -> Basic and in the SSID section we change the name of the network to whatever we want.

Another more drastic option but that can also be very effective is to directly hide the network, leave it activated but that is not visible to any device . For this we will only have to click on the Hide Point Access option in the same previous window. In this way, whoever wants to connect to our WiFi will have to previously know the name of the network.

Device MAC Filtering

Another security measure you can take to protect unwanted people from connecting to your WiFi network is to establish MAC filtering. That word is nothing more than the WiFi license plate of any device, and with that number you can make that only certain devices can connect or the opposite, that a specific device cannot connect .

The possibility of making lists of allowed or not allowed MACs is in Wireless -> MAC Filter , where you have to select Allow if you want to make a list of allowed MACs (it would not allow you to connect to any other device) or Disallow if you want to restrict access to certain concrete devices.

Find the perfect channel for our WiFi network

And now that we have secured our network, there are many who complain that its WiFi does not offer all the speed that was expected. One of the many reasons that may be behind low performance is the saturation of channels that can occur in our environment. To avoid this problem, the easiest thing is to look at the channels most used by other WiFi networks within our reach to use the freest channel.

The easiest way to check channel saturation is through an app, such as WiFi Analyzer for Android. In the case of iOS there is no app that allows analyzing the channels, although we can also do this check from a Windows PC .

Once the least saturated channel is located, telling our router to use it is very simple. We just have to go to Wireless -> Advanced and in the Channel option choose the desired one.

Change the WiFi network password

The next measure, or the only one that many would take, to secure our router is to change the default password. This option will be found in Wireless -> Security . In the Network Authentication option we can select the type of security that we want to use. This point is not necessary to change if we already have the WPA-PSK option selected, if not the safest option is this.

At this point, we have to use logic. If we change the default password to improve the security of our WiFi we will have to use a new robust password, avoiding simple passwords or those that use birthdays or the like. The best option will be to make a combination of number and letters (upper and lower case) that is difficult to guess.

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