How change the WhatsApp Status into Offline Using Different WhatsApp Tricks?

Surely you are already part of the billion registered users on WhatsApp, and like everyone, on some occasion, you have had certain doubts about this application, and it is most normal since with the passage of time, WhatsApp is being updated and each time acquiring new functions and tools.

Would you like to always appear offline on WhatsApp? Many of us, on some occasion, have thought about the idea of ​​appearing on-line on WhatsApp, for whatever reason, how to be disconnected on WhatsApp? How to avoid appearing online on WhatsApp? And above all , how to appear offline on WhatsApp without blocking and without uninstalling the application? Of course, the idea is not to run out of the application, much less have to block contacts, the objective is to be there but without being seen, and to be able to carry out all the actions of a user online, but being disconnected for others.

How to appear offline on WhatsApp while connected?

If you use Android, iPhone, if you connect from WiFi or use Data, there are 3 easy ways to see yourself offline.

  1. Setting up privacy

The first and easiest option is the one that WhatsApp gives us, within its settings we can put our last private connection time, and nobody can know when it was that we last connected, for this go to> Settings> Account > Privacy> Last hour. Time> No one

The downside of this method is that WhatsApp seems to be very fair, and if you decide not to show the last time you connected, you will not see the other person’s connection either.

  1. Using the WhatsApp Widget

If you want to read your messages without opening the application, you can install the WhatsApp Widget on the desktop of your cell phone, so you can check your latest messages, however, you will not be able to reply.

If you do not want to use the Widget, remember that in the upper notification bar, WhatsApp always shows the latest chats, this would also be an easy option to view your messages without connecting.

  1. Deactivating your Internet connection

The only way not to appear connected, not to show the message “Online” is deactivating your internet connection.

If you do this, you can enter WhatsApp, read all the chats and nobody will notice, to make sure this works well, put your phone in airplane mode.

The disadvantage of this method is that new messages will not reach you either.

How to appear offline on WhatsApp web?

Appearing offline on WhatsApp web is very easy, and it is done following the same procedures as on mobile:

  • Open WhatsApp from your pc, scanning the code with the camera of your cell phone
  • Enter the settings
  • Click on> privacy> account> last connection time> No one
Application to not appear online on WhatsApp

There have already been several tricks to appear offline on WhatsApp, however, the official page of this social network, ensures that it is impossible to disable “Online” when we connect on WhatsApp, there is no way to do it, this feature is general for everyone users and no one can intervene.

However, there are some apk to try to appear offline on WhatsApp, which could help us in our goals.

Private Reading Application for WhatsApp

This app, you can find it in the Play Store, it allows you to read your messages privately, not appear online and also disable the reading confirmation.

In the details of this application, they tell us that it only applies to recent messages and not to old ones, so we can assume that it simulates being the notifier of the top bar of our phones, but even so, it is a very good contribution, that it certainly saves us a lot of time.

How to appear offline on WhatsApp for a person?

You can not, so far WhatsApp is very generic regarding its privacy settings to show the connection.

As we explained before, you can prevent them from seeing when you last connected, but this option applies to all your contacts, there is no specific configuration for one or more friends.

WhatsApp, like other social networks, uses a setting called “duplex” to notify a person when their contact is writing a message …

However, the doubts are many, many times we wait too long to receive such a short message, and you ask us: Has it taken so long to write two words? Or is WhatsApp deceiving us when it shows us “Writing”?

What happens when we see writing on WhatsApp?

The newspaper El Confidencial, with the intervention of Celeste Campo, a telematic engineer from the Carlos III University of Madrid, and Francisco Serradilla, professor of the Master’s Degree in Mobile Application Development at the Polytechnic University of Madrid , released a lot of relevant information about this aspect, and in summary, we tell you below.

  • Messages on WhatsApp are not sent directly to the recipient’s mobile, they first pass through the company’s servers, and until the moment it reaches the recipient, “Writing” will appear.
  • While the message is on the server, on the recipient’s cell phone, “Writing” will continue to appear
  • It is not known how long, the message is on the WhatsApp server
  • WhatsApp, check if the other person really keeps typing to show you “Typing”, it happens that a normal person does not always write, every 3 or 4 seconds, he stops to think and continues typing, that is why we also see the message of “Online”, which refers to those few seconds where the sender stops typing.
How to know if someone is writing on WhatsApp?

As we explained previously, there is no way to see exactly whether or not a person is typing, however, whenever they are pressing the keys, WhatsApp will interpret it as the typing action, and that is what it will show you.

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