Differentiate a Quote from the Proforma invoice

Although they may seem similar, there are certain aspects that differentiate them. As a Self-Employed and Entrepreneur, surely you must use them many times. Therefore, it is important that you know how to differentiate a budget from a pro forma invoice:


The Sales quote is a document with which you indicate to your Client, how much you are going to charge them for the products or services you offer them. Reporting the amount, and on certain occasions, of the payment methodology for the services or products offered.

It is important to note that it is not a mandatory document to be made, as if the Invoice is.

Although it is true if it is highly advisable to do so, to set and indicate the conditions and obligations on the part of the Company and the Client. The Company will have the obligation to maintain the established prices. And on the part of the Client, make the purchase or final acquisition of the product or service.

Of course, for the Budget to be valid , it must be signed by both parties.

Finally, note that a Budget is not required to have the same format as the subsequent Sales Invoice.


Proforma invoice

The Proforma Invoice is a document that grants a pact by which the Company providing the service or product, agrees, with firm conditions and prices to respect in the event that the Buyer (Client) complies with the payment.

Normally, Clients will ask Companies for a pro forma invoice, when they are pending subsidies or operations subject to approval in front of a bank or agency in order to be awarded the money.

In the proforma invoice, it is mandatory that the word “Proforma Invoice” appears and that the design and format are identical to the subsequent final Invoice.

Note that the Proforma Invoices have no accounting or fiscal validity, since they only serve as a communication tool for the Client.

Pro forma is a Latin phrase that refers to what is developed in tune with a form or a formality. The expression, which is usually written as pro-forma or proforma, is applied to those invoices or receipts that are used to justify the operations carried out after the date of the account statement in which they are registered.

A proforma invoice can be one that is sent to a buyer before the closing of the transaction. It is not a real invoice in tax terms, but it is a document that serves as a company’s commitment to sell certain products at a certain price.

This type of proforma invoice, therefore, should not be recorded in the accounts. It is used to specify in a document a sale that has not yet been finalized. In case the buyer accepts its terms, the sale is closed and the seller must issue the corresponding invoice in accordance with the provisions of the law .

In the field of international trade, the proforma invoice is usually delivered to customs when the actual invoice is not available at the time of shipment.

The notion of proforma also appears in the field of law . In this case, it is a judgment whose sole purpose is to enable the development of a legal process. This type of sentence obeys a formality, and not a specific need of the process.

Proforma, in the field of linguistics, is the morpheme or the word that is in a position to replace a phrase , although, unlike this one, it does not have lexical content in itself, but its referent must be determined by the situation communicative or by its antecedent.

The communicative situation is part of the theory of communication and refers to the framework or context, the space and the moment in which any communicative process takes place . The antecedent, for its part, is a noun, noun phrase (group of words that has a noun or pronoun as the nucleus) or proper name to which a pronoun refers ( relative or not). For example, in the sentence “I couldn’t see the movie you recommended to me , ” which is the relative pronoun and refers to the noun phrase the movie .

Main differences between the Quote and the Proforma Invoice:

-A Proforma Invoice is used when the relationship with the Client is already more advanced to give him more information.

-In a Sales Budget, it is not necessary to detail all the aspects that finally intervene in a final Invoice.

-The Proforma Invoice is much more formal than the Budget.

-The budget usually has a rather indicative nature and is subject to many exchange variables and lacks value if there is no signature on both sides.

-The Proforma Invoice, most of the time is requested for Credit and Financing reasons, since Banks and Savings Banks request this document from the Client so that the request for money is justified.

-On the other hand, the Budget is used many times in sectors that are very difficult to know and know the final price: Engineering, Construction, etc … or, because the Client himself wants more flexibility to study the offer and possible variations of the Budget.

Therefore, we can highlight that Budget and Proforma Invoice, in general features have the same purpose: To inform the Client of the conditions of the provision of service or sale of a product. However, the main differentiation will come from the Client’s need, and it will be he who indicates if he needs a Proforma Invoice or not.

With Blueindic, the online Billing program for the Self- Employed, you will be able to manage with ease and simplicity any document necessary in your business: Budget, Albaran, Proforma Invoice, Final Invoice. In addition, you can automatically transfer a document to another without having to fill in all the data again.


The best open source alternative to Skype to make internet call safely

The way we communicate today has changed a lot compared to a few years ago. The widespread use of the Internet has opened up a huge range of possibilities. We have a host of instant messaging applications, email services, social networks … And something that we can use almost anywhere: video calls. In this sense there is a very popular platform that is Skype. However, in this article we are going to talk about some alternatives to open source Skype that we can use.

We want to show some alternatives to Skype to be able to make calls over the Internet from anywhere. We are going to name some open source options that are also safe. We already know that both privacy and security are very important aspects for users.

This addiction for apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Line is understood in a mobile and hyperconnected context in which the user is satisfied with obtaining quick answers to some questions, of the type Dnd we see ourselves? o A k hora dares ?, or looking to entertain yourself in dead times such as the commute to work or waiting in the doctor’s office.

Beyond these uses, many still wait to get home to settle in and have a proper phone conversation with family and friends. And why should they use the conventional telephone line when they can make video calls over the Internet and benefit from the rates that they are already paying to the operators?

To establish an online video conference only three things are needed: a device with a network connection, headphones with a microphone (they are not essential, but their use is convenient because they eliminate a lot of noise) and a free VoIP application (voice over IP, from English) Voice Over IP ).

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP programs, but there are other alternatives to this proposal, among which you can find the following.


Signal is without a doubt one of the best alternatives to open source Skype. It is very popular precisely for its security and to increase the privacy of the users who use it. As an application, we can say that it has the base of most tools of this type. This means that we can use it as an instant messaging program and also make calls over the Internet.

One of Signal’s strong points is its great compatibility with different platforms. It is available for the main operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS or Android, among others.

In addition to sending messages or making calls, we can also share all kinds of files with our contacts. The application itself is responsible for encrypting all conversations between users. We can download it from their website.


It is surely a lesser-known alternative to open source Skype. However, it has experienced interesting growth in recent times. Jitsi allows you to make video calls, as well as send text messages. We can even make calls to landlines or mobiles.

Of course, in this case we are facing a more limited tool in terms of the platforms it supports. At the moment we can only use it in Microsoft Windows, macOS or Linux. Of course, it does not skimp on security or privacy. It is a tool that highly values ​​these aspects.

We can see all the information on your page.


Another alternative to Skype and that is open source is Ring. It is available for Linux, Windows and macOS. We can also use it on Android mobile devices. When we install it on the device, it automatically assigns us a user.

It is a tool for sending messages or making calls over the Internet that also focuses on security and privacy. We can download it and find more information on Github.


Riot is another alternative to Skype with which to send messages or make calls. It is available on most platforms, so we can use it on both desktop and mobile devices.

It is one more option if we want to change Skype for another open source tool that can improve our security and privacy. We can access its source code and all the information on Github .

And you, do you know any other interesting open-source Skype alternative?


Wire is an extremely secure and feature-rich solution that meets almost all existing communication needs. Allows 1: 1 and group messaging, shared screen. 1: 1 and group video conferencing and file sharing.

Wire is available on Android, iOS, web and desktop. The wire is open source and the source code for all its applications and even the server backend is available in the Github repository. Alternatively, you can use Wire as a service from its official site at a minimal rate. Although you can also install and configure Wire on your own servers, the service is excellent for people who don’t want hassles.


Linphone is one of the oldest and most famous pieces of software that enables VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) communications over a SIP ( Session Initiation Protocol ) number. You can make audio and video calls through Linphone, send instant messages to a single user, and also to groups. Linphone requires that you have a SIP number. But even if you don’t have one, Linphone has you covered. It offers a free SIP number and you can get it simply by registering on their website here. Linphone is available for Windows and mobile desktops, IOS and Mac, Android and Linux. Linphone is open source and you can find the source in its GitHub repository.


Focused on the world of smartphones, although it is also available for Windows computers,  this application is compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Kindle devices. It allows you to make calls and video calls, chat and send messages.


Like Jitsi, Tox is an open source-based tool that uses an encryption system to shield communications between its users. It offers messaging, calls and file transfers between users.


5 tricks to dramatically speed up your computer

Windows 7 is the most powerful and best implemented Microsoft operating system to date, but with a few light touches of advanced customization, it is possible to free up resources and speed up your computer considerably.

Intermediate level

When we turn on the PC for the first time or we have just installed the operating system, everything goes very smoothly. But with the passage of time and daily use, the installation gradually degrades and we lose a good part of the performance that we enjoyed at the beginning.

The Windows Registry, the processes that run in the background and the services that are loaded by default at every start, among other components, are some of the sections that we can “touch” to easily optimize our operating system. With this we will achieve both a faster start and shutdown as well as greater stability in normal operation.

In addition, using a USB key to manage virtual memory or taking full advantage of the most powerful configurations to optimize the paging file , we can go further. And of course, on older machines, it’s also easy to free up load on components by adjusting visuals , removing fonts you don’t normally use, or stopping the indexing service.

1. Eliminate superfluous keys

Every time we install or uninstall a program, the Windows Registry adds information that, in the long run, can cause inconsistencies that end up being detrimental to the stability and fluidity of the system. Without going any further, despite the fact that we have removed a program from our computer, it may have left a trace with the use preferences or other technical parameters.

One of the most comfortable and effective options is to resort to external registry optimization and defragmentation software, such as TuneUp Utilities ( or CCleaner (, but with some advanced knowledge, we can do it also manually.

To do this, in the search box of the Start menu we will launch the regedit command and the Windows Registry will open . As any operation of this type can be really delicate if we do not know what we are doing, the first thing will be to make a copy of the Registry, entering File / Export and indicating a name for the backup that we will generate. In Interval of exploration, we will mark All and we can save. To restore it, just double click on the .reg file that we obtain.

Now that we have everything safe, let’s review what is in each branch. The first one, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, contains all the established file associations (for example, that a .doc document is opened with Word), although in reality all we see are shortcuts to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES \ Software \ Classes path. Precisely, in HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software is where the applications create their entries, so if we detect any of some software that we have already uninstalled, we can delete it without problems.

In HKEY_CURRENT_USER we will see the system configuration information and the user software with which we have logged in, with what we modify will only affect us. From here, we can customize what is shown in the Control Panel, the installation directories, the network settings, etc.

For its part, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE focuses on what affects the hardware and controllers of the PC, while HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG is a dynamic branch, in which entries are created on the fly, according to the applications that we are running at that time and the services of Windows that are in use.

2. Accelerates computer startup

To gain valuable seconds every time we turn on our computer, we have several options. The first is available from the Registry, within the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft category. From there we can see all the services that start automatically as soon as the operating system starts. By right-clicking, we will remove the ones we don’t want to keep.

The other is more secure and intuitive, and is accessed from the MSConfig utility (we can search for it and run it from the Start menu). Once the main window of this utility is opened, the Windows Start tab will show a list of all the applications that run when the system starts, and simply by marking or unchecking the ones that interest us, we will complete the operation (totally reversible, for other part).

Finally, we can also download a free utility, AutoRuns for Windows, from Microsoft’s own website, more complete than MSConfig and with options that go beyond startup programs, covering other components.

3. All for faster shutdown

In addition to speeding up the startup, in our hands is the possibility of making the system shutdown faster. Specifically, when we are going to close Windows, a signal is sent to all running processes and applications to stop them, and as a preventive measure, there is a set time in which the system waits for a response (in fact, when it does not establish such communication is when the annoying warning appears to force the closing or to continue waiting).

From the Registry, we can modify this period of time and indicate that, in case of delay, everything stops automatically and the system is turned off or restarted, although we run the risk of losing information if we have not saved the documents that we had open. Specifically, we will create within the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop branch an entry of type String Value (from the Edit / New menu bar) with the name WaitToKillAppTimeout. We right-click on it and, in Value information, we will enter a number in milliseconds, so if, for example, we only want to wait a maximum of 5 seconds, we will write 5,000.

4. Manage your paging file

The Windows virtual memory is used to store data temporarily programs and processes that are in use and require additional space in main memory. To manage it, a paging file is created on the hard disk, so access ends up being somewhat slower (unless we have an SSD solid state disk). With the current configurations, in which the most common is to have more than 4 Gbytes of memory, we can make all this data run directly in it and thus gain some performance.

To change this parameter we go to the Registry and look for the entry HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management. There, we double click on DisablePagingExecutive and we will change the Information of the value from 0 to 1. After rebooting the system, the changes will be applied and we will have optimized the paging file.

5. Deactivate background processes

When our team is up and running, a multitude of processes run in the background. Some are typical of the operating system and others depend on the programs that we have open at that time, but it may also be the case that, once closed, they leave some operational trace.

Pressing the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete we will access the Task Manager, and, in Processes, we will be able to see them all and the amount of RAM and CPU they consume. If any have become unstable (we will know from excessive use of resources) you can close it by clicking on End Process . However, if there has been an error, Windows may be unable to stop them.


Tips to grow Youtube channel For the beginners

Creating online content is not optional if you want to survive in the new economy. And the trend is showing that the king of content is video. If you don’t believe me, look it up on Google, where you’ll find tons of trending articles like this one from Forbes magazine.

The reality is that if you start, have a small company or plan to launch a project in the future, if you do not make video for the internet you will be nobody. At least not in professional terms. Because if people search for video and can’t find you, they don’t buy from you. It is mathematical.

How to grow on YouTube

These keys have helped me multiply the number of visits and subscribers on my channel and they can also help you grow.

In order to position yourself as an authority in your sector and get the attention of your potential customers.

1. Post consistently

Posting videos from time to time doesn’t work, because you don’t give people reasons to return to your channel periodically. And because the YouTube algorithm does not recognize you as a serious or relevant channel.

In the past I published videos very occasionally and hardly anything grew. Everything changed when I started publishing every week religiously. This is a graph of my channel’s growth where you can see how consistency has helped me grow.

I have tried posting one, two and even three times a week. In my case, I have understood that twice a week is the best , as long as I stick to the type of content that my community wants.

KEY 1: Post at least one video a week and you will see how you start to grow on YouTube.

2. Open up to more general topics

My first videos were just about public speaking and public speaking. This is a useful and in-demand topic, but people don’t usually see it as a “life and death” topic.

In fact, there are those who prefer to die than “face” their fear of public speaking. Come on, it’s not a particularly “sexy” topic. So I stopped talking about “public speaking” purely to talk about “communication” and related areas such as self-confidence and charisma, two issues that have been bombings on my channel in 2017.

What is your central theme?

KEY 2: If (your topic) is very niche, open yourself up to something more general to get more visits, although always being clear to your target audience.

3. Be present in the conversation

I am often told by many followers that they appreciate your replying to comments. I’m in a volume where I can still do it.

And I enjoy it. I especially enjoy when I read how what I teach changes people’s lives. This is one of the many comments that have made me especially excited.

But also, being present in the conversation helps me understand if what I do works or not. Because, as I say in this other video, the feedback is very important to improve and offer content like and add value .

When someone asks for something and you give it to them, they feel part of the community and that connection is worth a lot.

KEY 3: Answer, thank and, above all, learn from feedback.

4. Try new things

“He who does not advance recoils.” This is true in all areas where there is competition. And on YouTube, there is more and more competition. Keeping yourself always doing the same has two disadvantages:

First: It will make people bored sooner or later, or your direct competition will attract more attention than you if they start innovating.

Second: It will prevent you from realizing what your community likes the most. And if you don’t know what you like the most, you miss a great opportunity.

I have tried at least seven different formats in my videos during 2017.

In the process, I have discovered that what I like the most in my current community is the short tutorial, well-edited, and whose message is to the point.

KEY 4: Look at what others are doing, imitate by giving your personal touch and ask your community.

5. Promote to get traffic

Especially at the beginning when you do not have followers, to get visits to your videos, you have to promote them. In fact, this will continue to be important in the future. Every time I post a video I do at least three things:

First: I share it on all my social networks from YouTube.

Second: I share it by email to my list of followers. If the video is a tutorial, I upload it to the blog and transcribe it (as with this article).

Third: In the case of the tutorials, I “chop” them into mini videos and upload them natively to the social networks that support video (always with subtitles) and I invite people who want to see the full video to click the link Youtube.

Posting “native” videos (that is, uploading videos directly to the social network) works better than just sharing the YouTube link because social media is giving video a lot of importance. (There must be a reason, right?)

In addition, it is always very important to use the best possible keywords to accompany in titles, description and tags in order to be found in searches.

One tool that I am going to start using from January to improve the positioning of my videos is TubeBox from my SeoBox friends who have released a very powerful device that will help me control and optimize the visibility of my videos.

In addition, you can use two super discount promotional codes:

  • With the SEOBOXERS code you will have a € 30 discount on the price of the machine when contracting any tool plan.
  • With the LORAPROMO code, the machine is completely free for you if you sign up for the Advanced plan or the Agency plan (a value of € 95 completely free for you ).

NOTE: SeoBox currently only works in Spain but in 2018 strong will enter Latin America.

KEY 5: Promote as much as you can, use the right keywords and you will attract traffic to your channel.

6. Call to action

If you want something you have to ask for it.

This applies to everything in life and YouTube too.

If you want subscribers, ask them to subscribe.

If you want them to share your videos and click “like”, ask for it.

If you want them to go to your website, say so.

But beware, calls to action do not work for their own sake. It is important that people understand the benefit of acting. That is why it always accompanies your call to action with a clear benefit, example: “click on the link and receive my free guide to make effective presentations”.

KEY 6: After you have given free content, ask your community for something and as a matter of reciprocity, you will get many to act.


Psychology Therapy and What are the benefits of Psychology Therapy

For some people, going to the psychologist is synonymous with being a weak person, but in reality, going to psychological therapy can make you a stronger person emotionally, and can provide you with tools to better adapt to difficult situations that may arise in the long run. of your life.

In this article we will see a summary of the main benefits of attending Psychology Therapy, that is, the areas of life in which having the help of psychologists provides well-being.

As we have seen, historically, resorting to professional support for issues related to mental health has been considered a taboo, a fact deserving of stigma. However, over the decades it has been normalizing, for good reason: everyone may need to go to the psychologist eventually, and on the other hand, Psychology Therapy works.

Therefore, going to Psychology Therapy is an act of intelligence and courage , since on many occasions the person who needs help is not aware that they have the problem or avoid facing reality. Many people still do not know when they should think about going to a psychologist, especially due to false beliefs about what Psychology Therapy is and to whom it is directed.

psychotherapist is a mental health professional specialized in the cognitive (thinking), affective (emotions) and behavioral (behavior) areas, and who can help you empower yourself in the face of day-to-day circumstances and improve your quality of life .

Of course, beyond knowing what psychotherapists technically do, it is important to know in what sense this work is beneficial for patients.

Benefits of Psychology Therapy.

1. It helps you feel better

By confronting with a psychotherapist those problems that cause you pain or discomfort, and being able to confidently and freely talk about yourself to someone who does not judge you about your feelings and your repressed experiences, you are letting express your hidden thoughts and feelings, what which is beneficial for well-being .

When you express how you feel and release your emotional charge, you feel relieved. This is known as catharsis , a Greek word that refers to purification and is used in psychology to explain the process of releasing negative emotions.

2. It teaches you tools to manage conflicts

The conflicts are normal in the lives of people and in many cases are necessary for personal growth or living with other individuals. Psychology Therapy sessions teach you new ( more adaptive ) ways to solve problems.

In addition, it can help you perceive conflicts differently, so that they affect you less and you are able to relativize the importance of tense situations. In this way, your way of adapting to the new circumstances of everyday life will be much better and, in general, you will have fewer difficulties in your personal relationships or even in the professional sphere.

3. Helps you change limiting beliefs

With our beliefs and values we give meaning and coherence to our world model. The same situation can be experienced differently by each person. Beliefs help us, in short, to simplify the world around us, and are interpretations of reality and not verified facts.

Some beliefs are maladaptive or limiting and it is necessary to correct them, since these are not innate, we acquire them throughout our lives. Therefore, the psychologist can help you identify, analyze, test and modify them .

4. It helps you live in harmony with yourself and with others

The introspection that is carried out when attending Psychology Therapy allows you to know yourself better and overcome, for example, an existential crisis . In addition, Psychology Therapy is effective for work problems ( burnout , stress, etc.) or relationship problems.

Therefore, Psychology Therapy can help you solve these types of problems, and it is beneficial to find yourself and to relate to others more effectively . This will positively affect your mental health, and allow you to find inner peace and well-being.

5. Confidentiality of sessions

The relationship with the psychologist is confidential and strictly professional. As expressed in the ethical and deontological code of the Official College of Psychologists, the professional of psychology must guarantee the secrecy and confidentiality of everything referred to by those who consult him.

Therefore, everything you say in a therapeutic session will be a secret between you and your therapist. This allows for a relational framework in which very intimate fears can be addressed.

6. Relationship of trust and empathy

In addition to the knowledge and professionalism that the psychologist must show, the environment of trust that is created between the two will allow you to express the problems and feelings that you consider more delicate (and that you would possibly not tell anyone else).

The psychologist will not judge you and, in addition, he has the necessary training to create a good environment of trust and empathy so that you can express yourself without fear.

7. Professional advice

The psychotherapist is an expert in Psychology Therapy, and has extensive knowledge of human behavior , having studied psychology at a regulated university. To get to work as a psychotherapist, it is very possible that you have completed a university postgraduate degree in some specialty (for example, sexology , couples therapy or clinical psychology ), and surely you have acquired the necessary experience to be able to contribute all your knowledge to your benefit.

Psychology Therapy is not telling the problems to a friend or family member, because there is a solid basis (both theoretical and practical) backed by science .

8. Empowers you in the face of life

One of the goals of Psychology Therapy is that the relationship between the therapist and the patient is not one of dependency . Therefore, the psychologist helps you to own yourself and to acquire new skills that will be useful to you on a daily basis.

Attending Psychology Therapy is not waiting for the psychologist to solve your problems, it is learning to accept and love what you are and put the necessary will to change what causes us discomfort or prevents us from growing .

Bonus: Psychology Therapy changes your brain

Neurological studies are finding more and more empirical evidence of the capacity of Psychology Therapy to modify and improve brain structures , achieving a better vital attitude to face the day to day.


Detail Step by step guide To invest in Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that captures money from investors, places it in a common stock market and invests it in a diversified way in a series of instruments such as stocks, bonds and other assets. In the Peruvian financial system, most banks offer this product, whose operations are quite simple.

The Mutual Funds and the managers that administer them are conditioned by the norms established in a legal body that regulates these investment instruments, there must also be an operating regulation of the mutual fund and the specific provisions promulgated by the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance. Therefore, the Superintendency is empowered to inspect, without any restrictions, all the books, portfolios and documents of the mutual fund management companies.

Each fund defines its own investment policy that is included in the Internal Regulations of the Mutual Fund and is approved by the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance. From this information, the investor has the ability to make investment decisions in the fund that is adjust to your needs.

Steps to invest in a Mutual Fund

1) To invest in a Mutual Fund? the first thing you should do is inform yourself through the General Fund Administrators? or their agents for the commercialization of quotas and on their web pages, about the types of funds they have and their general characteristics, such as:

  • Fund classification according to CMF regulations.
  • Remuneration of the managing company.
  • Commissions at the time of making the investment or the redemption of the same.
  • Maximum installment redemption payment terms.
  • Background object.
  • Type of investor to whom it is directed.
  • Investment policy.
  • Inherent risks of investments.
  • It is especially important that the management company’s fees and remuneration be reported, since there may be cost differences between funds of the same type.

2) When it has made the decision on the Fund in which it will invest, the administrator must make the internal regulations of the fund available to it and provide it with the respective informative brochure. Then, you must sign the General Fund Agreement.

3) By signing the investment request, the contract is formalized and the conditions established by the instrument are acknowledged. You will receive a confirmation of the operation (proof of contribution).

4) When a person makes contributions to a Fund, he becomes a participant in it, and these contributions are expressed in fund shares, which represent participation in its assets, and there may be different series of shares for the same fund. , all of equal value and characteristics, which must be established in its internal regulations.

5) The investment is made at the time the administrator receives the contribution, which can be made in several ways:

  • Cash or bank sight voucher.
  • Check.
  • When the corresponding transfer is completed, in the case of secondary market transactions.
  • Charge to the current account.
  • Electronic transfer.

6) When your investment is already in force, you can track it by reviewing the path of the share value of the fund (s) or the series of shares of the same fund, in which you invested. This value is published on the website of this service.
Along with this information, you also have access to the Financial Statements, the investment portfolio and all the information that the fund sends to the CMF.

7) Finally, when you decide to withdraw money from the fund, you will talk about “redemption of your quotas”, for which you must send a “redemption request” to the Administrator to make it effective.
In the case of redemption systems and payment of quotas that represent significant daily amounts of the total assets of the fund, they must be established in the internal regulations of the fund. For these purposes, daily significant amounts shall be understood as those determined by the internal regulations.

Mutual Fund Profitability

The profitability will depend on the evolution of the underlying to which the mutual fund is linked , as a general rule the greater the investment risk we obtain the greater profitability, a very common mistake is to think that fixed income always provides profits and this is not always the case, since It will depend on the market prices of the debt, on the evolution of interest rates and on the management capacity of the fund administrator. Investing in mutual funds does not guarantee future profitability (except for guaranteed mutual funds), its profitability is mainly generated by 2 factors:

  • Capital gain or loss: is based when the assets that make up the mutual fund change in value (generating gains or losses)
  • Dividend and interest income: refers to the profits obtained in a mutual fund through the interest or dividends paid by the instruments they hold.

Investment diversification

The main characteristic of a mutual fund is the diversification of the financial values ​​in which it is invested. On the other hand, the union of money contributed by the participants allows the small investor access to products that were not previously available to them. It is a product without expiration and with great liquidity.

Mutual Fund Fees

When a person becomes a participant in a Mutual Fund , their contributions are expressed in installments. When an investor makes a contribution to a Mutual Fund, he is acquiring quotas from that Mutual Fund.

The quota is calculated daily, through it we can assess the profitability of the fund, when a contribution is made to the fund, it is calculated in quotas that have a value. The calculation is made as follows: if we make a contribution of $ 10,000, the day the fee is $ 100, then we obtain $ 10,000 / $ 100 = 100 installments with a value of $ 100, after a while we want to rescue our money, at that time the fund has obtained a return of 8%, which is reflected in the value of the fee that will be $ 108, when withdrawing our money we obtain 100 fees * $ 108 = $ 10,800. With negative returns it is the same process.

In this way, a person can always know how much money they have accumulated in a Mutual Fund simply by multiplying the number of quotas they have by the corresponding value of the quota.

In addition to investing in individual stocks and bonds, many investors have the option of leveraging mutual funds to create their retirement savings or other long-term savings goals. This is not the best option for those interested in short-term trading, but it can help you diversify your investments, maintaining a low cost structure and a specific objective. If you want to invest in mutual funds, take time to research and choose the right option.