Make different paintings with Frozen paint using different colors

For hot days, frozen painting is a wonderful activity to enjoy both indoors and outdoors.This painting is very simple, practical and boys and girls love it. The texture, the colors is really an excellent option for these spring days.

You just need an ice bucket, water, food or tempera dyes, and ice cream sticks.

You just have to add water to the ice bucket and in each compartment add a few drops of dye or paint, leave them in the freezer for 12 hours and that’s it!

You can paint on various surfaces, we use Bond sheet of paper.

How to store frozen latex paint

When you have to have latex paint during the colder months, freezing can become a problem. This is particularly bad because as the water in the paint freezes, the entire substance can become thick and grainy, making it completely unusable. However, if you detect freezing early enough, all hope is not lost. Here are some steps you can take to see if it is recoverable.

Step 1 – Stop freezing with proper storage

Prevention is always the best and easiest remedy. Instead of storing your latex paint in a place where freezing may be a problem, be sure to keep it in a dry, temperature-controlled environment, such as a basement (in a state) or the bottom of a closet. Avoid places with high humidity, as the metal in the can will rust around the lid. Also avoid places that can get too hot; high temperatures can destroy water-based paint as easily as low temperatures.

Step 2 – Defrost

For starters, your frozen paint needs to be thawed. Placing the newspaper on a flat surface, then place the can on top. Let it sit at room temperature for several hours until the ice has had a chance to melt. Do not try to speed up the process by adding heat; This will only make problems worse.

Step 3 – Stir

Then you must remove it. Open the paint can and quickly check the color so the freezing temperatures haven’t quickly altered it. You should also check for consistency. If it hasn’t been frozen for too long, its color and consistency may be fine.

Step 4 – Filter the grain

If you have noticed that your color is fine, but that the paint looks thick and grainy, you may be done. At best, its consistency will be smooth when shaking, as a cottage cheese-like texture almost always means that the paint is worthless. However, if the paint is not too thick and the grains are few and far between, you can sift them and use the rest.

Place a sieve bowl in or on top of a container (something you obviously don’t mind painting) and pour the paint through it. The bowl should catch all the granulated pieces, leaving behind the ideal smooth consistency you are looking for.

In the event that your attempts to restore your painting have been unsuccessful, be sure to dispose of it properly. Check your local household hazardous waste laws for instructions on what to do.

At the end of summer, a Twitter follower (thank you Laura) recommended the entry Tempera Ice from the blog En el mundo de las fadas . In it the author explained a very cool activity she had done in the summer with her children. I loved it and as soon as the course started I got down to work.

The material needed is: 1. Tempera 2. Ice buckets (with a coarse) 3. Continuous paper or DinA3 card stock 4. Little bowls to leave the ice 5. Fine or medium brushes

The first thing we have to do is fill the ice buckets with tempera and water and stir well with a stick (or with the back of a brush) and quickly take them to the freezer. If you want to get bright colors, fill almost all the tempera hole and very little water. The first time I poured enough water (look at the images) and I had pastel colors. In addition, in the time that passes from the time the water is mixed with the tempera until it freezes, the tempera “settles” at the bottom of the hole in the ice bucket, so if you add little paint, part of the ice cube will be very clear ( practically just water) and all the paint will be on the other end.

I put on all the colors and my partner only shades of blue and green because she wanted to make a seabed. This time I have used some new tempera from La Pajarita that are super washable and great because they really are (the sleeve of a white shirt stained purple and it has been removed !!).

We left them one day in the school freezer and the next morning, just before the activity began, we went to look for them. I made the paintings in the art corner. I left each cube in a small custard jar and the children who went to the corner painted with them completely independently. We maintained this phase of the activity throughout the week, so each day I had to replace the ice buckets and take them back to the freezer so that they would be frozen the next day.

As you can imagine, they loved it! Painting with something so cool caught their attention a lot and it was almost magical that as they used the ice cubes they melted. Also, it seems to me that it is a very good activity to work fine motor skills because taking the ice cube without it leaking and handling it on the paper requires a firm grip with your fingers and it was not always easy for them.

Throughout this week we also left colorless cubes in the class to observe how they changed from solids to liquids throughout the morning. The following week, also in the art corner, we painted on the background that we had made with the cubes. In this case I wanted something similar to what I had seen on the blog My plastic techniques for hangers (my colleagues say that I have many ideas … but if there is so much generously shared on the internet … !!).

I left them only red, purple and black tempera not at all watery and fine brushes and I proposed to draw them (as it was the beginning of the course I was interested in seeing how the drawing of the human figure had evolved ). And this was the wonderful result !!

I have done the activity with my 4-year-old students but I think it can be done perfectly in 5 years with autumn hues now that we enter this season, and it is also ideal for the end of the 3-year course, when it starts to get warm .


Farms of the future will be automated from seed to harvest

swarms of drones buzz overhead, as robotic vehicles crawl across the landscape. Orbiting satellites capture high-resolution images of the scene far below. No human being can be seen in the pre-dawn glow spreading across the land.

This is not a post-apocalyptic vision of the future à la The Terminator. This is a snapshot of the farm of the future. Each phase of the operation – from seed to harvest – may one day be automated, without the need to get your nails dirty.

In fact, it is science fiction that is already becoming reality. Today, robots equipped with artificial intelligence can remove weeds with supernatural precision, while autonomous tractors move tirelessly across the farmland. Satellites can assess crop health from outer space, providing tons of data to help produce the kind of business intelligence that was previously only accessible to Fortune 500 companies.

“Precision agriculture is on the verge of a new phase of development involving intelligent machines that can operate on their own, which will allow production agriculture to be significantly more efficient. Precision agriculture is becoming robotic agriculture, ”said Professor Simon Blackmore last year during a conference in Asia on the latest developments in robotic agriculture. Blackmore is director of engineering at Harper Adams University and head of the National Center for Precision Agriculture in the UK.

It is Blackmore University that recently showed what might one day be possible. Called Hands Free Hectare and led by researchers from Harper Adams and private industry, the project cultivated one hectare (about 2.5 acres) of spring barley without a person setting foot in the field.

The team redesigned, rewired and robotized farm equipment ranging from a Japanese tractor to a 25-year-old combination. The drones served as scouts to study the operation and collect samples to help the team monitor the progress of the barley. At the end of the season, the robbery farmers harvested around 4.5 tonnes of barley at a price of £ 200,000.

“This project was intended to demonstrate that there is no technological reason why a field cannot be cultivated without humans working the land directly, and we have,” said Martin Abell, mechatronics researcher for Precision Decisions, who was associated with Harper Adams. , in a press release.

Me, Robot Farmer
Harper Adams’ experiment is the latest example of how machines are altering the agricultural industry. Around the same time that the Hands Free Hectare combine harvested barley, Deere & Company announced that it would acquire a new company called Blue River Technology for a reported amount of $ 305 million.

Blue River has developed a “see and spray” system that combines computer vision and artificial intelligence to discriminate between crops and weeds. Hit the former with fertilizer and apply the latter herbicides with such precision that it can remove 90 percent of the chemicals used in conventional agriculture.

It is not just farmland that is helping robots. A Californian company called Abundant Robotics, which grew out of the nonprofit research institute SRI International, is developing robots capable of picking apples with vacuum-like arms that suck fruit directly from trees in orchards.

“Traditional robots were designed to perform very specific tasks over and over again. But robots that will be used in food and agricultural applications will have to be much more flexible than what we have seen in automobile manufacturing plants to deal with the natural variation of food products or the outside environment, “Dan Harburg, an associate at venture capital firm Anterra Capital, which previously worked at a Massachusetts-based company that manufactured a robotic arm capable of gripping fruit, he told AgFunder News.

“This means that ag-focused robotic startups have to design systems from scratch, which can take time and money, and their robots have to be able to complete multiple tasks to avoid staying on the shelf for much of the year.” He noticed.

Eyes on the Sky
It will take more than an army of robotic tractors to successfully cultivate. The farm of the future will have drones, satellites and other airborne instruments to provide data on its crops in the soil.

Companies like Descartes Labs, for example, use machine learning to analyze satellite images to forecast soybean and corn yields. The Los Alamos, New Mexico startup collects five terabytes of data each day from multiple satellite constellations, including NASA and the European Space Agency. Combined with time readings and other real-time inputs, Descartes Labs can predict cornfield yields with 99 percent accuracy. Its artificial intelligence platform can even assess crop health from infrared readings.

The US agency DARPA recently awarded Descartes Labs $ 1.5 million to monitor and analyze wheat yields in the Middle East and Africa. The idea is that accurate forecasting can help identify regions at risk of crop failure, which could lead to famine and political unrest. Another company called TellusLabs of Somerville, Massachusetts also employs machine learning algorithms to predict corn and soybean yields with accuracy similar to that of satellite imagery.

Farmers do not have to reach orbit to obtain information about their farmland. An Oakland startup, Ceres Imaging, produces high-resolution images from multispectral cameras that fly through fields aboard small planes. Snapshots capture the landscape at different wavelengths, identifying insights into issues like water stress, and providing estimates of chlorophyll and nitrogen levels. Geotagged images mean that farmers can easily locate the areas that need to be addressed.

Growing from the inside
Even the best intelligence, whether from drones, satellites, or machine learning algorithms, will be challenged to predict the unpredictable problems posed by climate change. That is one of the reasons why more and more companies are betting on the farm in what is known as controlled environment agriculture. Today, that doesn’t just mean sophisticated greenhouses, but everything from warehouse-sized automated vertical farms to robot-built rooms, located not in the Kansas or Nebraska void but right in the middle of America’s main streets.

Proponents of these new concepts argue that these high-tech indoor farms can produce much higher yields while dramatically reducing water consumption and synthetic inputs like fertilizers and herbicides.

San Francisco’s Iron Ox is developing one-acre urban greenhouses that will be robotically operated and reportedly capable of producing the equivalent of 30 acres of farmland. Powered by artificial intelligence, a team of three robots will execute the entire operation of planting, nurturing and harvesting the crops.

Vertical agriculture company Plenty, also based in San Francisco, uses AI to automate its operations, and obtained a $ 200 million vote of confidence from the SoftBank Vision Fund earlier this year. The company claims that its system uses only 1 percent of the water consumed in conventional agriculture and produces 350 times more products. Plenty is part of a new crop of urban farms, including Bowery Farming and AeroFarms.

“What I can imagine is locating a larger-scale inland farm in the desert for economically disadvantaged food, to spur a broader economic impact that could create jobs and generate income for that area,” said Dr. Gary Stutte, the agriculture expert. space. and controlled environmental agriculture, in an interview with AgFunder News. “The inland agriculture model is adaptable to become an engine for economic growth and food security in rural and urban food deserts.”

Still, the model is not without its own challenges and criticisms. Most of what these farms can produce falls into the “leafy greens” category and often comes at a premium price, which seems to be antithetical to the proposed mission to create oases in the food deserts of cities. While water usage can be kept to a minimum, the electricity required to power the operation, especially LEDs (which played an important role in the inland agriculture revolution), are not cheap.

Still, all of these advances, from farmer robbery to automated greenhouses, may need to be part of a future where nearly 10 billion people will inhabit the planet by 2050. A statistic quoted from the United Nations Agriculture Organization and Food says the world must boost food production by 70 percent to meet the needs of the population. Technology may not save the world, but it will help feed it.


Differentiate a Quote from the Proforma invoice

Although they may seem similar, there are certain aspects that differentiate them. As a Self-Employed and Entrepreneur, surely you must use them many times. Therefore, it is important that you know how to differentiate a budget from a pro forma invoice:


The Sales quote is a document with which you indicate to your Client, how much you are going to charge them for the products or services you offer them. Reporting the amount, and on certain occasions, of the payment methodology for the services or products offered.

It is important to note that it is not a mandatory document to be made, as if the Invoice is.

Although it is true if it is highly advisable to do so, to set and indicate the conditions and obligations on the part of the Company and the Client. The Company will have the obligation to maintain the established prices. And on the part of the Client, make the purchase or final acquisition of the product or service.

Of course, for the Budget to be valid , it must be signed by both parties.

Finally, note that a Budget is not required to have the same format as the subsequent Sales Invoice.


Proforma invoice

The Proforma Invoice is a document that grants a pact by which the Company providing the service or product, agrees, with firm conditions and prices to respect in the event that the Buyer (Client) complies with the payment.

Normally, Clients will ask Companies for a pro forma invoice, when they are pending subsidies or operations subject to approval in front of a bank or agency in order to be awarded the money.

In the proforma invoice, it is mandatory that the word “Proforma Invoice” appears and that the design and format are identical to the subsequent final Invoice.

Note that the Proforma Invoices have no accounting or fiscal validity, since they only serve as a communication tool for the Client.

Pro forma is a Latin phrase that refers to what is developed in tune with a form or a formality. The expression, which is usually written as pro-forma or proforma, is applied to those invoices or receipts that are used to justify the operations carried out after the date of the account statement in which they are registered.

A proforma invoice can be one that is sent to a buyer before the closing of the transaction. It is not a real invoice in tax terms, but it is a document that serves as a company’s commitment to sell certain products at a certain price.

This type of proforma invoice, therefore, should not be recorded in the accounts. It is used to specify in a document a sale that has not yet been finalized. In case the buyer accepts its terms, the sale is closed and the seller must issue the corresponding invoice in accordance with the provisions of the law .

In the field of international trade, the proforma invoice is usually delivered to customs when the actual invoice is not available at the time of shipment.

The notion of proforma also appears in the field of law . In this case, it is a judgment whose sole purpose is to enable the development of a legal process. This type of sentence obeys a formality, and not a specific need of the process.

Proforma, in the field of linguistics, is the morpheme or the word that is in a position to replace a phrase , although, unlike this one, it does not have lexical content in itself, but its referent must be determined by the situation communicative or by its antecedent.

The communicative situation is part of the theory of communication and refers to the framework or context, the space and the moment in which any communicative process takes place . The antecedent, for its part, is a noun, noun phrase (group of words that has a noun or pronoun as the nucleus) or proper name to which a pronoun refers ( relative or not). For example, in the sentence “I couldn’t see the movie you recommended to me , ” which is the relative pronoun and refers to the noun phrase the movie .

Main differences between the Quote and the Proforma Invoice:

-A Proforma Invoice is used when the relationship with the Client is already more advanced to give him more information.

-In a Sales Budget, it is not necessary to detail all the aspects that finally intervene in a final Invoice.

-The Proforma Invoice is much more formal than the Budget.

-The budget usually has a rather indicative nature and is subject to many exchange variables and lacks value if there is no signature on both sides.

-The Proforma Invoice, most of the time is requested for Credit and Financing reasons, since Banks and Savings Banks request this document from the Client so that the request for money is justified.

-On the other hand, the Budget is used many times in sectors that are very difficult to know and know the final price: Engineering, Construction, etc … or, because the Client himself wants more flexibility to study the offer and possible variations of the Budget.

Therefore, we can highlight that Budget and Proforma Invoice, in general features have the same purpose: To inform the Client of the conditions of the provision of service or sale of a product. However, the main differentiation will come from the Client’s need, and it will be he who indicates if he needs a Proforma Invoice or not.

With Blueindic, the online Billing program for the Self- Employed, you will be able to manage with ease and simplicity any document necessary in your business: Budget, Albaran, Proforma Invoice, Final Invoice. In addition, you can automatically transfer a document to another without having to fill in all the data again.


The best open source alternative to Skype to make internet call safely

The way we communicate today has changed a lot compared to a few years ago. The widespread use of the Internet has opened up a huge range of possibilities. We have a host of instant messaging applications, email services, social networks … And something that we can use almost anywhere: video calls. In this sense there is a very popular platform that is Skype. However, in this article we are going to talk about some alternatives to open source Skype that we can use.

We want to show some alternatives to Skype to be able to make calls over the Internet from anywhere. We are going to name some open source options that are also safe. We already know that both privacy and security are very important aspects for users.

This addiction for apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Line is understood in a mobile and hyperconnected context in which the user is satisfied with obtaining quick answers to some questions, of the type Dnd we see ourselves? o A k hora dares ?, or looking to entertain yourself in dead times such as the commute to work or waiting in the doctor’s office.

Beyond these uses, many still wait to get home to settle in and have a proper phone conversation with family and friends. And why should they use the conventional telephone line when they can make video calls over the Internet and benefit from the rates that they are already paying to the operators?

To establish an online video conference only three things are needed: a device with a network connection, headphones with a microphone (they are not essential, but their use is convenient because they eliminate a lot of noise) and a free VoIP application (voice over IP, from English) Voice Over IP ).

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP programs, but there are other alternatives to this proposal, among which you can find the following.


Signal is without a doubt one of the best alternatives to open source Skype. It is very popular precisely for its security and to increase the privacy of the users who use it. As an application, we can say that it has the base of most tools of this type. This means that we can use it as an instant messaging program and also make calls over the Internet.

One of Signal’s strong points is its great compatibility with different platforms. It is available for the main operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS or Android, among others.

In addition to sending messages or making calls, we can also share all kinds of files with our contacts. The application itself is responsible for encrypting all conversations between users. We can download it from their website.


It is surely a lesser-known alternative to open source Skype. However, it has experienced interesting growth in recent times. Jitsi allows you to make video calls, as well as send text messages. We can even make calls to landlines or mobiles.

Of course, in this case we are facing a more limited tool in terms of the platforms it supports. At the moment we can only use it in Microsoft Windows, macOS or Linux. Of course, it does not skimp on security or privacy. It is a tool that highly values ​​these aspects.

We can see all the information on your page.


Another alternative to Skype and that is open source is Ring. It is available for Linux, Windows and macOS. We can also use it on Android mobile devices. When we install it on the device, it automatically assigns us a user.

It is a tool for sending messages or making calls over the Internet that also focuses on security and privacy. We can download it and find more information on Github.


Riot is another alternative to Skype with which to send messages or make calls. It is available on most platforms, so we can use it on both desktop and mobile devices.

It is one more option if we want to change Skype for another open source tool that can improve our security and privacy. We can access its source code and all the information on Github .

And you, do you know any other interesting open-source Skype alternative?


Wire is an extremely secure and feature-rich solution that meets almost all existing communication needs. Allows 1: 1 and group messaging, shared screen. 1: 1 and group video conferencing and file sharing.

Wire is available on Android, iOS, web and desktop. The wire is open source and the source code for all its applications and even the server backend is available in the Github repository. Alternatively, you can use Wire as a service from its official site at a minimal rate. Although you can also install and configure Wire on your own servers, the service is excellent for people who don’t want hassles.


Linphone is one of the oldest and most famous pieces of software that enables VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) communications over a SIP ( Session Initiation Protocol ) number. You can make audio and video calls through Linphone, send instant messages to a single user, and also to groups. Linphone requires that you have a SIP number. But even if you don’t have one, Linphone has you covered. It offers a free SIP number and you can get it simply by registering on their website here. Linphone is available for Windows and mobile desktops, IOS and Mac, Android and Linux. Linphone is open source and you can find the source in its GitHub repository.


Focused on the world of smartphones, although it is also available for Windows computers,  this application is compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Kindle devices. It allows you to make calls and video calls, chat and send messages.


Like Jitsi, Tox is an open source-based tool that uses an encryption system to shield communications between its users. It offers messaging, calls and file transfers between users.


What is the Importance and strategies of digital marketing in the World

In a globalized world increasingly dependent on web connectivity, such as the one in which we currently live, certain tools are necessary when starting up any online business or developing the virtual side of a physical business. Digital marketing was born to bring together all these tools to successfully market a product, an image or a brand through internet channels and social networks.

From the development of this new type of online marketing, the idea of ​​the digital marketing agency emerged, a specialist in using specific promotion methods adapted to the needs of each project. Such is its importance that, today, behind every important campaign there is a specialized agency.

Importance and strategies of digital marketing

Thanks to digital marketing, companies/brands and consumers/users are much closer than ever. Such is its ability to generate global content of general interest that 95% of people under the age of 50 in developed and developing countries have consumed and have occasionally been interested in a product or brand through the Internet. .

To achieve this result, the path has been hard, but very fast. The strategies have continuously innovated and increasingly improved the reach capacity of the campaigns. At the same time, other important factors have appeared that until recently did not exist, such as web positioning (SEO).

SEO is based on the interaction of users with the results when doing a search. It has been shown that the first results are the ones that get the most audience and this has unleashed a fierce fight by brands to place themselves in these first positions, giving rise to other types of specialized agencies, within marketing, called SEO agencies.

The job of a good SEO agency is to get your client to be in the first position for a pre-established keyword and directly related to the brand. Achieving this will mean a considerable increase in visits to profiles (whether web or social), which in turn will translate into economic benefits for the firm.

Today SEO is one of the fundamental factors of a good digital marketing strategy, but there are also other important ones, such as email marketing, content blogging, online advertising or influencers. A good combination of both and an expert agency will translate into a business of assured success.

In the current context of increasing digitization in which the majority of businesses, whether traditional or digital natives, use the internet as a cover letter and to publicize their products and services, digital marketing strategies are more valued than ever.

It is true that the internet offers a wide horizon of opportunities to debut in the business world, but to optimize the content that we upload to the network and for our personal or business brand to be successful, a series of knowledge is necessary in economic and strategic terms. .

Digital marketing can be a good elixir for the growth of a company but you have to know how to get the most out of it. Faced with this situation, the demand for professional profiles with leadership capabilities to strategically manage the field of digital marketing is increasing.

Knowing the communication tools not only serves the company to sell its products, but also to generate and spread the value of the entity, interact with its workers and even as a vehicle to recruit new personnel. This is the reflection that, from the TecnoCampus, they want to publicize and reinforce with the Digital Entrepreneurship Program, which welcomed 23 students from the Master of Administration and the Master in Marketing and Administration from the ICESI University of Cali, in Colombia.

“This is a week-long course where the idea is for students to have a very general vision of the digital environment and online business models: how to detect digital business opportunities, the technology used, marketing within a Web page (Inbound Marketing), digital media advertising, SEO, Google Adwords, Business Analytics, Social Media plans… ”, says Roberto Dopeso, responsible for the program and professor of the Degree in Marketing and Digital Communities.

An updated and experiential point of view

“ICESI students are used to seeing more traditional business management. This program has helped them discover a more modern version of marketing, through academic sessions and experiences of active professionals, as well as visits to companies in the sector, “highlights the coordinator, who believes that knowing the errors and successes of specific cases It can serve as an inspiration for future professionals.

The demand for professional profiles with leadership capabilities to strategically manage this commercial aspect is increasing

The statistic presents the growth rate of investment in digital marketing in Spain from 2015 to 2018. Digital marketing has revolutionized marketing worldwide and, as reflected in the report recently published by the Marketing Association of Spain, investment In this type of marketing, it has not stopped growing until reaching a growth rate of 90% compared to the base year in the last year.

“Every brand is a company, not every company is a brand”
A brand is the set of attributes, tangible and intangible, a distinctive sign that identifies a product or service and makes it unique in the market. The main function of a brand is to differentiate itself and become unique in front of the rest of its competitors. The brand is what gives identity and meaning to a specific product or service.

The brands transcend that they reach the level of impersonating a name in the market. For example: people do not say detergent but “please give me an ace ” and it turns out that the detergent is XXX brand. The ace brand became so popular that people substitute the word detergent for ace.

Brand positioning:

It is the place that the brand occupies among its consumers or clients, with respect to the rest of its competitors. This position gives the company its own image in the consumer’s mind, which will make it differentiate itself from the rest of its competition. This own image is built through the active communication of distinctive attributes, benefits or values ​​to our target audience, previously selected based on business strategy. Power has the brand that reaches your social networks.


How to delete permanently your social media account forever

Links that are not advertised, complex combinations, ‘crossroads’ of questions … it is not too easy to end an account on a social network, but here we are going to help you, writes Guillermo Cid for   El Confidencial.

The bomb that fell this weekend around the world still resonates, and especially on social networks, with the case of ‘Cambridge Analytica’. The American consulting firm has been accused of manipulating the data of 50 million Facebook users and has been considered one of the largest data breaches in history. The blow has been so strong that you, like many others, may have also reconsidered whether or not you should continue on social media.

If you are seriously rethinking it but do not know how to get out of these platforms, here is a small guide because the complexity varies a lot depending on the network you want to leave. From how easy it is to delete your account and your messages on Twitter or WhatsApp to how complicated it is to do it on Facebook there is a big difference.

How to delete my Facebook account

If you have decided to download from the largest social network in the world, the service itself gives you two options. ‘Deactivate’, if you prefer to ‘give the situation some time’, or ‘Definitively delete your profile’, in case you are clear that this is over.


  1. Go to your Facebook profile and click on the down arrow at the top right.

  2. Select ‘Settings’ .

  3. Click on the ‘General’ section in the left column.

  4. Select ‘Manage your account’ and follow the steps indicated to confirm the action.

With this it would serve you. Of course, remember that it is only a deactivation. Your profile will not be visible to the rest, nor will they be able to search for you through the platform, but certain information, such as messages or email, will continue to be stored. What’s more, to return you would only have to return to Facebook and access with your username and password.

Permanently remove

If you are determined to delete the account, the first thing they recommend is that you download a copy of the information that you have been storing on the platform since you entered it.

Once this is done, you must access this link and click on ‘Delete my account’ . At this point, you can read all the conditions involved in the deletion, but we have already warned you that, among other things, the company warns you that it will take about 90 days to delete all the information they have about you. It is important that you do not access the network again during this time or Facebook will interpret that you are regretting it.

After this period of time, there will only be some data such as the messages you sent to a friend, which cannot be deleted.

How to delete my Twitter account

If Facebook has surprised you with its complexity, the bird’s network will do just the opposite. While the first requires a series of steps before deleting all the data about you, Twitter makes everything so simple that it even makes it a little sad to close the profile.

You just have to follow these steps and all the information you have on their service will disappear permanently.

  1. Enter your Twitter account and click on the profile photo that appears in the upper right.

  2. Go to ‘ Settings and privacy ‘.

  3. When entering, go down to the limit of the page and click on ‘ Deactivate your account ‘.

  4. A new screen will appear in which you must confirm that you want to delete your profile and you will be informed that you will have 30 days to reactivate it before the information is lost forever.

And that’s it. If you have decided to leave Twitter you will not have to do anything else. Of course, they warn you that they have no power over the content indexed in Google, so your footprint can take considerably longer to disappear.

How to delete my Instagram account

Like Twitter, Instagram also makes it easy enough for you to unsubscribe from their service. Of course, in this case you will have to do it from the computer and enter a link that the platform, like its current parent (Facebook), does not advertise too much.

  1. Access this link.

  2. Indicate that you want to go and hold the ‘solution’ that Instagram gives you to stay.

  3. Enter your password again.

  4. Finally click on ‘Delete my account permanently’.

How to delete my WhatsApp account

Speaking of simplicity, nothing like WhatsApp. The messaging ‘app’ that has succeeded for its ease of use, is not complicated when it comes to deleting a profile.

  1. Open WhatsApp> Settings> Account.

  2. Select ‘ Delete my account’.

  3. Enter your number with prefix (+34 in Spain).

  4. Click on ‘Delete my account’.

How to delete my Snapchat account

Finally, we leave you the guide to leave Snapchat. The ‘app’, which exploited for its private and groundbreaking aspect, was widely criticized, at the time, for its complexity, but when it comes to abandoning it, it makes it easier for you. A tip: it is much easier if you do it through a PC.

You just have to go to this page , access your account details and follow the steps indicated by the ‘app’ until the final goodbye.

Social networks have become a very important tool for Internet users. It is the medium in which we are in communication with friends and family. Also the way to inform us of the latest developments in the world. Some even allow us to promote our company or business. They are more than just a place to upload photos. However all of this makes security more important than ever. Today we are going to explain how to log out remotely on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Let’s imagine that we have connected to a foreign computer. We have logged into our Facebook account, for example, and we have not closed it when we left. Our account is still open. This can be a problem if we have opened it on a public computer such as a library, for example.

It can also happen that we have lost our mobile , with all social networks open. If we do not have sufficient protection, anyone could access our notifications and our profile.

Therefore it may be interesting at some point to log out remotely on social networks. It is something simple and we are going to explain how to do it on the main platforms today such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


In microsoft Excel sheets, formatting spreadsheet data is easier than ever

In Excel, formatting spreadsheet (or sheet) data is easier than ever. You can use several quick and easy ways to create professional-looking spreadsheets that display data efficiently. For example, you can use document themes for a consistent look across all Excel spreadsheets, styles to apply predefined formats, and other manual formatting features to highlight important data.

Work with Document Topics:

A document theme is a predefined set of colors, fonts, and effects (such as line styles and fill effects) that will be available when you format your spreadsheet data or other elements, such as tables, pivot tables, or charts. For a smooth, professional look, a document theme can be applied to all Excel workbooks and other Office documents.

Your company can provide a corporate document theme that you can use, or you can choose from a variety of predefined document themes that are available in Excel. If necessary, you can also create your own document theme by changing any or all of the theme colors, fonts, or effects on which a document theme is based.

Before formatting spreadsheet data, you may want to apply the document theme you want to use, so that the format you apply to spreadsheet data can use colors, fonts, and effects determined by that subject of the document.

For information on working with document themes, see Apply or customize a document theme.

Use styles to quickly format data:

A style is a format based on a predefined theme, and can often be applied to change the appearance of data, tables, charts, pivot tables, shapes, or diagrams. If the predefined styles don’t suit your needs, you can customize a style. For charts, you can customize a chart style and save it as a chart template that you can reuse.

Depending on the data you want to format, you can use the following Excel styles:

  • Cell Styles     To apply multiple formats in one step and make sure cells are consistent, you can use a cell style. A cell style is a defined set of formatting characteristics, such as fonts and font sizes, number formats, cell borders, and cell shading. To prevent any user from making changes to specific cells, you can also use a cell style that locks the cells.

    Excel has several predefined cell styles that you can apply. If necessary, you can modify a predefined cell style to create a custom cell style.

    Some cell styles are based on the document theme that applies to the entire book. When switching to another document theme, these cell styles are updated to match the new document theme.

    For more information about working with cell styles, see apply, create, or remove a cell style .

  • Table Styles     To quickly add professional, designer-quality formatting to an Excel table, you can apply a predefined or custom table style. By choosing one of the predefined alternative row styles, Excel maintains the alternate row pattern by filtering, hiding, or rearranging the rows.

    For information on working with table styles, see Format an Excel table .

  • PivotTable Styles     To format a PivotTable, you can quickly apply a predefined or custom PivotTable style. As with Excel tables, you can choose a predefined alternative row style that maintains the alternate row pattern by filtering, hiding, or rearranging the rows.

    For information about working with PivotTable styles, see Design the layout and format of a PivotTable report.

  • Chart Styles     Apply a predefined style to the chart. Excel provides a variety of useful predefined chart styles to choose from, and you can customize a style if necessary by manually modifying the style of individual chart elements. You cannot save a custom chart style, but you can save the entire chart as a chart template that you can use to create a similar chart.
Format Data Manually

To highlight specific data (such as text or numbers), you can format the data manually. Manual formatting is not based on the theme of the book document unless you choose a theme font or use theme colors; the manual format remains the same when changing the subject of the document. You can manually format all the data in a cell or range at the same time, but you can also use this method to format individual characters.

Use Border and color to highlight the Data:

To distinguish between different types of information in a spreadsheet and to make searching for a spreadsheet easier, you can add borders around cells or ranges. To improve visibility and draw attention to specific data, you can also shade cells with a solid background color or a specific color pattern.


If you want to add a colorful background to all the data in the spreadsheet, you can also use an image as the background of the sheet. However, a sheet background cannot be printed, a background only improves the on-screen display of the spreadsheet.

Change alignment or orientation of data:

To optimize the presentation of data in the spreadsheet, you may want to change the position of the text within a cell. You can change the alignment of the cell content, use indentation to provide better spacing, or display data at different angles by rotating.

Data rotation is especially useful when column headings are wider than the column data. Instead of creating unnecessarily wide columns or shortened labels, you can rotate the text in the column heading.

For information on changing the alignment or orientation of the data, see change the position of the data in a cell .

Copy and Existing format to other data

If you have already formatted some cells in a spreadsheet the way you want, you can simply copy the format to other cells or ranges. With the Paste Special command ( Home tab, Clipboard group, paste button ), you can only paste the formats of the copied data, but you can also use the copy format ( Home tab, Clipboard group ) to copy and paste formats to other cells or ranges.

Also, data range formats automatically expand to additional rows by entering rows at the end of a data range that you have already formatted, and the formats appear in at least three of the previous five rows. The option to extend formats data ranges and formulas is enabled by default, but you can turn on or off as needed (click Options File > Options > outposts > extend the date range and formulas (in Edit Options ) or, if it comes to Excel 2007, click the Microsoft Office button > options in Excel


How to enter the router and configure the connection

We change operator or contract for the first time a fixed Internet connection and they install a router (or we install ourselves, which is what is in fashion) and that is where our concern ends, browsing has been said. But the truth is that we should not forget that this device with lights that we plant is the door that connects us with the outside and also vice versa. So it is very important to know how to enter the router and configure the connection .

Signing in can be easy, but making your connection gain in security and quality is a task that involves several steps. To help you with this task, next we will tell you step by step from how to access the configuration of your router to establishing filters so that no one can connect or find the best channel to improve the speed of your WiFi.

How to enter the router configuration:

First of all, access the router settings. The most convenient thing is to use a computer connected to the WiFi network of the same router and type the following address in any browser: Those numbers represent the gateway to the administrator panel of the router of most operators, except in the case of Movistar, which access is via the web .

At this point we will have to enter the username and password , which in most cases is “admin” in both cases, and that is the first weak point of any router. Maintaining the default configuration opens the door for anyone who manages to connect to our WiFi network to enter the configuration of the router.

How to configure the connection

Once we have accessed the router configuration panel we will see many menus and options that we can change, but do not venture to change data, since you could be offline, although luckily all of them have a reset button that pressing it for several seconds restores the configuration initial . Next we will see how to configure the connection, improving its security and performance.

Change the router access password

For our guide we are going to use a Comtrend router, model AR-5387, although the configuration of the routers supplied by the operators is very similar, so the menus may change somewhat but they will be very similar. In our case, in order to change the access data to the router we have to go to Management -> Access Control , where just by entering the default access data we can establish a new password.

Rename the network

Once we have already made sure that anyone who connects to our WiFi cannot alter the configuration of our router, it becomes more difficult for them to connect to it. The first measure, to avoid knowing which company belongs to the router (which can provide facilities) is to change the name of the network. To do this we go to Wireless -> Basic and in the SSID section we change the name of the network to whatever we want.

Another more drastic option but that can also be very effective is to directly hide the network, leave it activated but that is not visible to any device . For this we will only have to click on the Hide Point Access option in the same previous window. In this way, whoever wants to connect to our WiFi will have to previously know the name of the network.

Device MAC Filtering

Another security measure you can take to protect unwanted people from connecting to your WiFi network is to establish MAC filtering. That word is nothing more than the WiFi license plate of any device, and with that number you can make that only certain devices can connect or the opposite, that a specific device cannot connect .

The possibility of making lists of allowed or not allowed MACs is in Wireless -> MAC Filter , where you have to select Allow if you want to make a list of allowed MACs (it would not allow you to connect to any other device) or Disallow if you want to restrict access to certain concrete devices.

Find the perfect channel for our WiFi network

And now that we have secured our network, there are many who complain that its WiFi does not offer all the speed that was expected. One of the many reasons that may be behind low performance is the saturation of channels that can occur in our environment. To avoid this problem, the easiest thing is to look at the channels most used by other WiFi networks within our reach to use the freest channel.

The easiest way to check channel saturation is through an app, such as WiFi Analyzer for Android. In the case of iOS there is no app that allows analyzing the channels, although we can also do this check from a Windows PC .

Once the least saturated channel is located, telling our router to use it is very simple. We just have to go to Wireless -> Advanced and in the Channel option choose the desired one.

Change the WiFi network password

The next measure, or the only one that many would take, to secure our router is to change the default password. This option will be found in Wireless -> Security . In the Network Authentication option we can select the type of security that we want to use. This point is not necessary to change if we already have the WPA-PSK option selected, if not the safest option is this.

At this point, we have to use logic. If we change the default password to improve the security of our WiFi we will have to use a new robust password, avoiding simple passwords or those that use birthdays or the like. The best option will be to make a combination of number and letters (upper and lower case) that is difficult to guess.


How change the WhatsApp Status into Offline Using Different WhatsApp Tricks?

Surely you are already part of the billion registered users on WhatsApp, and like everyone, on some occasion, you have had certain doubts about this application, and it is most normal since with the passage of time, WhatsApp is being updated and each time acquiring new functions and tools.

Would you like to always appear offline on WhatsApp? Many of us, on some occasion, have thought about the idea of ​​appearing on-line on WhatsApp, for whatever reason, how to be disconnected on WhatsApp? How to avoid appearing online on WhatsApp? And above all , how to appear offline on WhatsApp without blocking and without uninstalling the application? Of course, the idea is not to run out of the application, much less have to block contacts, the objective is to be there but without being seen, and to be able to carry out all the actions of a user online, but being disconnected for others.

How to appear offline on WhatsApp while connected?

If you use Android, iPhone, if you connect from WiFi or use Data, there are 3 easy ways to see yourself offline.

  1. Setting up privacy

The first and easiest option is the one that WhatsApp gives us, within its settings we can put our last private connection time, and nobody can know when it was that we last connected, for this go to> Settings> Account > Privacy> Last hour. Time> No one

The downside of this method is that WhatsApp seems to be very fair, and if you decide not to show the last time you connected, you will not see the other person’s connection either.

  1. Using the WhatsApp Widget

If you want to read your messages without opening the application, you can install the WhatsApp Widget on the desktop of your cell phone, so you can check your latest messages, however, you will not be able to reply.

If you do not want to use the Widget, remember that in the upper notification bar, WhatsApp always shows the latest chats, this would also be an easy option to view your messages without connecting.

  1. Deactivating your Internet connection

The only way not to appear connected, not to show the message “Online” is deactivating your internet connection.

If you do this, you can enter WhatsApp, read all the chats and nobody will notice, to make sure this works well, put your phone in airplane mode.

The disadvantage of this method is that new messages will not reach you either.

How to appear offline on WhatsApp web?

Appearing offline on WhatsApp web is very easy, and it is done following the same procedures as on mobile:

  • Open WhatsApp from your pc, scanning the code with the camera of your cell phone
  • Enter the settings
  • Click on> privacy> account> last connection time> No one
Application to not appear online on WhatsApp

There have already been several tricks to appear offline on WhatsApp, however, the official page of this social network, ensures that it is impossible to disable “Online” when we connect on WhatsApp, there is no way to do it, this feature is general for everyone users and no one can intervene.

However, there are some apk to try to appear offline on WhatsApp, which could help us in our goals.

Private Reading Application for WhatsApp

This app, you can find it in the Play Store, it allows you to read your messages privately, not appear online and also disable the reading confirmation.

In the details of this application, they tell us that it only applies to recent messages and not to old ones, so we can assume that it simulates being the notifier of the top bar of our phones, but even so, it is a very good contribution, that it certainly saves us a lot of time.

How to appear offline on WhatsApp for a person?

You can not, so far WhatsApp is very generic regarding its privacy settings to show the connection.

As we explained before, you can prevent them from seeing when you last connected, but this option applies to all your contacts, there is no specific configuration for one or more friends.

WhatsApp, like other social networks, uses a setting called “duplex” to notify a person when their contact is writing a message …

However, the doubts are many, many times we wait too long to receive such a short message, and you ask us: Has it taken so long to write two words? Or is WhatsApp deceiving us when it shows us “Writing”?

What happens when we see writing on WhatsApp?

The newspaper El Confidencial, with the intervention of Celeste Campo, a telematic engineer from the Carlos III University of Madrid, and Francisco Serradilla, professor of the Master’s Degree in Mobile Application Development at the Polytechnic University of Madrid , released a lot of relevant information about this aspect, and in summary, we tell you below.

  • Messages on WhatsApp are not sent directly to the recipient’s mobile, they first pass through the company’s servers, and until the moment it reaches the recipient, “Writing” will appear.
  • While the message is on the server, on the recipient’s cell phone, “Writing” will continue to appear
  • It is not known how long, the message is on the WhatsApp server
  • WhatsApp, check if the other person really keeps typing to show you “Typing”, it happens that a normal person does not always write, every 3 or 4 seconds, he stops to think and continues typing, that is why we also see the message of “Online”, which refers to those few seconds where the sender stops typing.
How to know if someone is writing on WhatsApp?

As we explained previously, there is no way to see exactly whether or not a person is typing, however, whenever they are pressing the keys, WhatsApp will interpret it as the typing action, and that is what it will show you.


Business Ideas to create your own small company in your town

Big companies can happen in small cities. Small cities offer a great opportunity for every entrepreneur who wants to start a business and make it successful. The opportunities are many, but today I bring you 21 ideas that can guide you on what path to follow in your venture .

Making the decision to undertake is something that requires a lot of analysis and planning, first you must have ideas to create a company, based on conducting a market analysis. In small communities it is possible to create large businesses, so it is a good option for you to carry out your project.

The success of starting a business in a small city is that it must meet current demand with an excellent product or service.

Once you have a clear idea about the consumption of your city, you can start planning to trace different business ideas. A market study, visit other related business owners and the evaluation of costs and requirements will be essential to start.


Creating a company is an arduous but not impossible task, which requires various studies to make the right decision.

Once you have certain ideas to create a company, you need to carry out a study of your community. You need to know what businesses exist, and what is the local demand; This in order to make the right decision about which company is suitable for the community and for you.

This time I want to give you twenty one ideas to create a company in your community, these ideas are based on success stories of entrepreneurs, the investment for each one can vary, but the most important thing to take into account is that you have an affinity and knowledge prior with the company you want to create.



Having a bar in your community can be an excellent option, but this is not a business that is profitable all day.

So why not create a hybrid café bar? With this option you can start the day making a profit from coffee sales, in the afternoon in the same way, and at night selling the drinks.

Without a doubt it is a very good idea and totally adaptable to the community. Thus offering an option to attract more customers.

The concept or theme in this type of business is very important, for example, creating a space for karaoke and encouraging your audience to participate. Or we can talk about a space where good drinks and books converge, and it is a place for good reading. These are 2 of the many ideas you can work on, but once you decide on a path, be consistent.

As I repeat, the concept will be the key to the success of this business.


Restaurants will always be an excellent option. We know it can be tempting to copy the idea of ​​a successful restaurant, but is it really a good idea? It depends. It depends on many factors, the main one is knowing if it will be well accepted in your community.

Ideally, you think about what the community wants, but can’t get. Perhaps a kind of farm-to-table restaurant, or a more elegant one where the community can enjoy delicious dinners, or conversely, enjoy a slice of New York-style pizza.

It is one of the best ideas to create a company, you just have to think about what your community lacks.

A tip: bring to your mind those restaurants or meals that you have enjoyed in nearby cities, and you even consider taking a trip to enjoy again Do you have it? Perfect, this is how your restaurant should be, something that the inhabitants of neighboring cities travel just to taste what you have to offer.

Be careful of wanting to bring exotic flavors or dishes that are not desirable in your region.


And if your love of gastronomy is your thing and it is not being limited by a location, then food trucks are the perfect solution to start your own business in a food truck.

One of the great advantages is that thanks to its mobility, you can provide the service in various places or cities, you can also participate in events and parties.

A good culinary offer added to the good use of social networks, will help your followers to know the location of your food truck in advance and look for you to taste your products.


Currently many people own a vehicle, and even more if they are in a small city where it is necessary to move from one place to another.

Cars can break down or crash at any time. That is why it is an excellent idea, since it meets the obvious needs of the population.

Tips: An extra of this business is to provide the tow or tow service and the home service. These last services to me personally have rescued me from great difficulties.


Cleaning the home is usually one of the best ideas today to start a business. There are many people who dislike cleaning work; so it is good to offer such a service.

To expand the number of potential clients, other additional aspects such as garden cleaning and care, pet care, among others, can be included.

This option is excellent since it does not require large resources, knowledge or certifications to carry it out.

The key here is to hire the right people to provide this service in a (literally) impeccable manner and the good results, references from our clients, will allow us to expand our staff to meet future job demands.

Additional advice: Over time you can also acquire professional cleaning equipment, such as industrial type vacuums and cleaning kit for furniture and dry curtains and offer this service as an addition to your current range of services.